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Jan de Winnaar Optometrists stock a wide variety of prescription lenses, spectacle frames, sunglasses and optical accessories. We stock BOSS, Calvin Klein, Elle, Ted Baker, Diesel, LaCoste, Sissyboy, Polo, Guess, Soviet, Jeep, O`Neill and more.

Our Vision

Our founding principle is to provide all income groups with access to professional and affordable eye care service. The team at Jan de Winnaar Optometrists strive to provide the ultimate in eye care in the Western Cape, ranging from comprehensive eye care to advanced corneal reshaping therapy.

Our Services

As people approach age 40, their eyes begin to change. Because of these normal changes, most people over 40 require either reading glasses or bifocals. The recommended time frame is every 2 years for a routine examination, but can be more frequent in the case of severe problems.

Eye Examinations

The comprehensive examination will take approximately 45 minutes

The recommended time frame is every 2 years for a routine examination, but can be more frequent in the case of severe problems. Young children should be thoroughly examined on an annual basis to ensure that the visual system develops to its full potential. Patients very seldom experience pain or symptoms in eye disease even in advanced cases. Even if pain or discomfort is encountered, patients tend to wait too long before seeking help. Family history and genetics plays a very important role in eye related problems and should an appointment be scheduled regularly to exclude possible problematic areas especially when a positive family history is present.

Contact Lenses

Tired of wearing glasses?

With a fast changing world and advances in technology, we at Jan de Winnaar Optometrists fit the latest contact lens designs for a suitable patient. On the day of fitting, you will receive a FREE pair of trail contact lenses that will be worn for at least 3 hours. After the 3 hour trail period, Jan de Winnaar Optometrists will assess the health of your eyes, comfort level and visual acquity. If you are comfortable with wearing contact lenses and we give you the go ahead, you will be given an instruction lesson on contact lens care and handling. A follow up consultation will be scheduled one week later to assess your eyes and get your feedback.

Corneal Reshaping

Ortho-K practitioner for more than 10 years

Jan de Winnaar Optometrist has successfully corrected myopia (short sighted), hyperopia (farsighted) and presbyopia (short arm, over 40s) patients for more than 10 years. Orthokeratology or Ortho-K for short is a corneal reshaping therapy aimed to get rid of glasses and contact lenses during the waking hours. This gives the patient freedom to enjoy sport and activities that was otherwise restricted due to glasses or contact lenses. This procedure is totally reversible without any treatment. The therapy is done with an Ortho-K lens that resembles a hard contact lens. The Ortho-K lens redirects the pathway of cell movement in such a manner that the corneal curvature is changed to allow the image to focus on the retina.

Optical Services

We take care of your sight

We offer a wide range of optical services including:

• General Eye Tests
• Screening for Colour Vision
• Assessment of Depth Perception
• Assessment of Visual Acuity
• Assessment of Visual Fields
• Contact Lens Fitment, Assistance and Supply
• Spectacle Frames and Lenses
• Flight Medical Vision Tests
• FREE vision testing for Drivers Licence
• Repairs to all types of spectacles and sunglasses

Flight Medical

Visit us and receive the appropriate care necessary for good, comfortable, safe vision.

Most pilots realize their visual needs in the cockpit are quite different from those required to sit in an office or read the newspaper at home. The distances at which navigational aids and instrumentation are used differ from the customary 40cm reading distance most glasses are prescribed for. Pilots are also exposed to physical and physiological forces that affect visual function in the aircraft. When visiting the optometrist, pilots may fail to explain their unique flying environment adequately to the doctor. It is important to become informed vision care consumers by learning the right questions to ask and the different types of glasses or lenses available.

Eye Care

Jan de Winnaar has completed a post graduate certificate of Advanced study in Ocular disease and Treatment

• Foreign Body
• Glaucoma
• Eyelid Disorders
• Macular Degeneration
• Diabetic Retinopathy
• Hypertensive Eye Disease
• Dry Eye & Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)
• Corneal Issues & Retinal Problems
• Refractive & Cataract Surgery Co-Management

About Us

JDW Optometrists is situated at 44 Russell Street Worcester. JDW Optometrists was founded by Jan de Winnaar in 1991. Over the years Jan de Winnaar invested in some of the best technology on the market to provide the most advanced and thorough eye care experience. To book an appointment for your next eye examination, please give us a call on 023 347 1035.

Meet the Team

You can spot any of our staff by their shining team spirit, focus and passion for what they do. Feel free to ask the team any questions you might have about any aspect of your eye health or appointment. They’ll be more than happy to answer your queries and put your mind at ease.

From left to right
Anereta, Jan de Winnaar, Melanie and Amelia

About Our Team
Jan de Winnaar Optometrists was founded by Jan de Winnaar in 1991. Anereta and Melanie started working at Jan De Winnaar Optometrists in 2007. Amelia joined the JDW optometrists team in 2017. Mnr de Winnaar specializes in Pediatric Vision and Ortho-K.

We Combine Experience,
Care and Advanced

We combine experience, advanced technology and a genuine attitude of caring to make your visit with us unmatched in the Western Cape.

With the help of our well friendly, well trained staff and Optometrist, Jan de Winnaar, we bring a new level of clinical care and customer service to our patients.

We strive to provide the ultimate in eye care, ranging from comprehensive eye care to advanced corneal reshaping therapy. We also offer a full optical service ranging from the latest specialized eyewear and a wide range of contact lenses to suit the needs of our patients.

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