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Contact Lenses in Worcester

There are several types of contact lenses available to you. The most common type is the spherical soft contact lens, which generally will give you great vision and good comfort. These lenses are available in disposable, daily wear, and extended wear designs.

Soft spherical contacts are also the lens of choice if you are acrobatically inclined, since they are the most stable on the eye. Soft contact lenses that correct for astigmatis, called toric lenses, offer a great alternative to glasses, when appropriately fit. The shortfall of these lenses is that if they rotate on the eye, vision can blur.

The other type of lens available is the rigid gas permeable contact lens, also called semi-soft lenses. These lenses give you good clear vision and are sometimes used when a patient has too much astigmatism for correction with soft contact lenses. The disadvantage of these lenses is that they can be difficult to get used to and in some situations, depending on their size, can slip off the cornea.

With any type of contact lens daily wear is recommended. It is healthier to avoid sleeping in lenses (extended wear) unless absolutely necessary.

Who is the ideal patient?

Children, pensioners, and anyone that needs freedom from glasses.

Do’s and Don’ts:
comply with the wearing schedule as per instruction, do not over wear your lenses, wash your hands before handling contact lenses, clean your lenses thoroughly as instructed, replace disposable lenses on time, do not sleep with contact lenses unless extended wear lenses are prescribed, keep your 6 month follow-up consultations and arrive with the lenses in your eyes, do not wear a damaged lens, inform your optometrist if you are taking/changing medications, phone immediately if you experience pain, redness, discharge, or changes in your vision.

On the day of fitting, you will receive a FREE pair of trail contact lenses that will be worn for
at least 3 hours. After the 3 hour trail period, Jan de Winnaar Optometrists will assess the health of your eyes, comfort level and visual acquity. If you are comfortable with wearing contact lenses and we give you the go ahead, you will be given an instruction lesson on contact lens care and handling. A follow up consultation will be scheduled one week later to assess your eyes and get your feedback.

Schedule an eye test today.

We perform numerous tests to determine whether the health of your eyes will permit comfortable, crisp, and clear vision while wearing contact lenses. Tests include refractive status measurement Slitlamp evaluation of the cornea, conjunctiva, tear layer and lids Topography.

With the help of our friendly, well trained staff and Optometrist, Jan de Winnaar, we bring a new level of clinical care and customer service to our patients. To book an appointment for your next eye examination, please give us a call.

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