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Corneal Reshaping (Ortho-K) in Worcester

Orthokeratology, or Ortho-K for short, is a corneal reshaping therapy aimed to get rid of glasses and contact lenses during the waking hours. This gives the patient freedom to enjoy sport and activities that was otherwise restricted due to glasses or contact lenses.

Jan de Winnaar Optometrist is a registered Ortho-K practitioner and has successfully corrected myopia (short sighted), hyperopia (farsighted), and presbyopia (short arm, over 40’s) in patients for more than 30 years.

This procedure is totally reversible without any treatment. The therapy is done with an Ortho-K lens that resembles a hard contact lens. The Ortho-K lens redirects the pathway of cell movement in such a manner that the corneal curvature is changed to allow the image to focus on the retina.

Fitting Procedure

The fitting procedure includes a comprehensive eye exam to determine the exact visual needs, Slitlamp evaluation of the external structures of the eyes with a Volk lens, examination of the internal structures of the eyes, and Topography to analyze the corneal curvature.

The optometrist will calculate the best possible lens to correct the vision. The patient will be fitted and then asked to relax in the waiting area with the lenses in the eye for approximately half an hour. A Slitlamp evaluation of the fitting, movement, corneal interaction and the fluorescein patters are documented. Photographs are taken to keep record of the relevant fitting and also for future reference. The visual acuity is measured upon removal of the lens and any additions are noted to obtain the ideal visual acuity. An instruction session will follow to inform and guide the patient on the handling of these lenses and ensure that the patient is totally confidant.

Daily Routine

A follow-up consultation is scheduled the very next morning as early as possible. The patient will arrive without any lenses in the eyes. Corneal Topography and visual acuity is evaluated. If needed, a new lens will be given, but if everything is in place, a weekly follow-up is scheduled. At this time, the patient is using trail lenses supplied by the optometrist. Once the goal is reached, your own lenses are ordered.

The patient will be sleeping with the Ortho-K lens and upon awakening, remove it to enjoy clear vision for the remainder of the day. The required time to obtain good vision is a minimum of 4 hours sleep with the lens. This routine has to be repeated every night as the epithelial cells return to its original curvature.

Some patients reported that the Ortho-K effect lasts sometimes for up tot 3 days before they have to use the lens again. This may vary from patient to patient.

The lens has a corrective script that will allow the patient to see clearly without having to remove the lens first. Special care is taken to clean these lenses on a daily basis. When well looked after, they should last a few years and provide clear vision for a long time.

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