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Flight Medical

Flight Medical in Worcester

As people approach age 40, their eyes begin to change. Because of these normal changes, most people over 40 require either reading glasses or bifocals. Most pilots realize their visual needs in the cockpit are quite different from those required to sit in an office or read the newspaper at home. The distances at which navigational aids and instrumentation are used differ from the customary 40cm reading distance most glasses are prescribed for. It is esential that this difference in working distance is explained to the optometrist, so they can lessen the power of the near vision prescription used while flying. Pilots are also exposed to physical and physiological forces that affect visual function in the aircraft.

When visiting the optometrist, explain your unique flying environment adequately and ask about the different types of glasses or lenses available.

As a pilot, it is important to ensure that the glasses you receive produce the least amount of distortion and require minimal adaption time. Bifocals that obstruct a persons gaze downward in all directions should be avoided at all costs. The colour of cockpit lighting can also affect your near vision. Make sure to tell your optometrist what colour lighting you are functioning in so they can duplicate it in the exam room. Making the optometrist aware of your unique needs as a pilot and being an informed vision care consumer that you continue to receive the appropriate care necessary for good, comfortable, safe vision.

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